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Traineeship Scholarship for SH Students after graduation 2021/2022

SH Students of Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences can apply for Erasmus+  Traineeship Scholarship after graduation for 2021/2022 . Applications must be submitted in the last semester with active students status, before  absolving!

Application deadline: 15 November 2021, or the day of the last exam date

Applications cannot be submitted to the following areas, where it is not recommended to travel by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  

Please read through the Call for Application before filling in the application:


Sent LimeSurvey printed, signed

• EUROPASS CV written in the educational / working language the host institution / company, signed

• EUROPASS motivation letter in the language of education / work, signed

• proof of language proficiency of the educational / working language

• grade average of the previous completed semesters printed from Neptun (so-called credit certificate) in English, signed by the study department

active student status certificate, signed by the study department

• 1 professional teacher recommendations (head of department, consultant, supervisor…) in the language of education (English), with the teacher's original signature

• copy of previous diploma (s), if the applicant participates in master's or doctoral training

• certificate (s) of public activity (eg ESN mentor, other voluntary activities- not obligatory)

There are 18 questions in this survey.
Personal and Educational data
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Personal Data
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Study level at MATE
Language of study at MATE
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Name of Study Program (list)
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Hungarian Name of Study Program
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Form of Education: Stipendium Hungaricum Student funded by Hungarian State

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Expiry of your ACTIVE student status: please write an exact date of your last exam!

(This question is mandatory)
Average of grades: last two completed semesters (see Neptun / Studies / Grade Average / SumAverage)
Average of grades
Number of completed semester of your recent study program
Application data
Receiving organization data
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Mobility data
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Type of mobility:

Stipendium Hungaricum graduating students for Erasmus+ traineeship

(This question is mandatory)
Language of mobility
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I have an intermediate language exam (minimum B2 or higher level) in the language of mobility.
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I have already participated in Erasmus+ mobility.
If requested, I prepare a short photo report for the Erasmus+ scholarship website of MATE after the mobility.
(This question is mandatory)
If required, I hold a short experience report on the International Mobility Day of MATE in person or online after the mobility.